A New Start!

New StartThis Sunday, September 7th, we begin a brand new year and a brand new start. Ironically, the start of a new church year is with the first Sunday of Advent and the start of the secular calendar is January 1st, but Christian Education generally follows the school systems’ calendar…so now that students have started a brand new school year, Sunday School and Youth Groups will begin a brand new year too.

George Kissick will be traveling around to each of the classes during the Sunday School hour (9:30 a.m.) with his camera to update our photos. Perhaps you’ve already noticed, but a lot has changed since we last took the photos posted outside our classroom doors. Christian Education Team would like to encourage everyone to make great efforts to attend Sunday School this week. Let’s make those photos full!

But, more than that, Christian Education Team would like to emphasize the incredible importance of CHRISTIAN EDUCATION and BIBLICAL STUDY! We may achieve degrees to finish our secular educations, and some will actually go back many times to attain advanced degrees, but Christian Education is different. EACH and EVERY one of us should pretend like we are seeking doctorate degrees when it comes to studying our faith and learning how to be a follower of Christ.

The New Testament is filled with stories of how Jesus walked through his earthly life preaching, teaching and healing those he encountered on his way. Many moments are comprised of him quoting scripture and showing the crowds who gathered around him a new way of interpreting those texts so that humanity might more abundantly know God. Those few years which chronicled his ministry do not represent the decades he likely spent studying scripture and learning from local Rabbis and Elders. Jesus was FULLY human. He learned just as we learn and he knew the importance of study because when he encountered the Pharisees he could articulate, postulate and apply the texts to the events of his day. As followers, we are to seek to do the same.

One could even argue that harm done in the name of faith is often accomplished by the hands of individuals who ‘completed’ their faith education at a very early age and failed to allow for maturity and personal experiences of God to temper their zeal. Each of us must be adamant about our study and educational life on an ongoing basis in order to engage the world at large to become Christ’s hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth and heart in this hurting world.


Serving your church…

servingServing the church brings me great joy.

Whether it is cleaning, worshipping, meeting, calling, visiting, or more, I enjoy doing what I believe to be the work of Christ.

There are many ways to spread the love of the Savior.

To help you share the joy, you will receive a Time and Talent Survey sometime later in September.

This comprehensive survey will include hundreds of ways to serve the church and bless our ministry to the world.

You will be asked to scan the survey, but also to read every word of it and respond to as many areas of ministry and specific tasks as you feel called to fulfill.

The office will collate the responses and you will be asked to serve, based on your answers to this survey.

You will still be welcome to respond to announcements, articles in the messenger or personal invitation to complete a task or project.

But the Survey will allow you to consider many different ways of serving which you may not have considered before.

Please anticipate receiving and completing the Time and Talent Survey which you will receive later this month.

Moving to the deeper places.

10 more good things…


Good things

1. Sid and Kathy were going through their parent's things and discovered George Sidney, their father, had received the Bronze Star in World War II. He NEVER bragged about his military service. Christian humility is rare.

2. How wonderful is it to have Dr. Henry Hanna available to step in and do a funeral.

3. “It Is Well With My Soul”

4. Susan’s Bourbon County physical therapist.

5. Problems that arise which stimulate positive, creative responses.

6. The Marcum’s who opened their house and pool for a youth kickoff event.

7. A deck completely resealed.

8. Mornings.

9. Henry Clay and Jefferson Davis Halls where I lived at Transylvania, which have been demolished for new dorms.

10. People with a sense of humor.

Moving to the deeper places,

Taking Chances

hope2Chances are your cell phone never leaves your side….but there is hope that you can still find quiet time and contentment with the creator from time to time.

Chances are you will work very hard at something productive this week….but there is hope that you will take the time to work very hard at something that brings you joy.

Chances are you will experience a few sleepless nights in your lifetime….but there is hope that when you do sleep, it is a quiet rest that restores body and soul to the harmony God intended.

Chances are you will have your heart broken a time or two….but there is hope that you will continue to open yourself up to the joyous experiences which come from loving and being loved.

Chances are you will face a serious medical diagnosis in your lifetime….but there is hope that in the midst of those moments the power of God’s love will be revealed to you in the people who gather around to love you through it.

Chances are you will grieve the loss of a great love in your life….but there is hope you will soon realize what a gift it was to love so deeply.

Chances are your days will know a few tears from time to time….but there is hope they will see more laughter more often.

Chances are you will learn something new today….and there is hope you will teach it to another.

Chances are someone will tell you they love you today….and there is hope you will return that love.

Chances are someone will stir your anger today….but there is hope the anger will be short-lived and productive.

Chances are you will run into someone you’ve never met today….there is hope you will take a moment to appreciate them anyway.

Chances are you will spend some money today….there is hope that as you do so, you are grateful you have it to spend.

Chances are the sun will rise, the grass will grow, flowers will bloom, birds will fly and a neighbor’s dog will bark today…there is hope we will enjoy the beauty this day brings.

Chances are you won’t open and read your newsletter today….there is hope that you will still know we love you and offer prayers in your name.

Chances are you will look around you and know that God is near today….and there is hope that God will look upon you and know you are near to God.


Ten good things:

Good things

1. My neighbor changed the broken belt on my riding mower.

2. Marie and Tracy were there for Susan’s surgery. Thank you.

3. Together, we overcame the deficit.

4. The sixth floor at Good Sam – UK is a gift to Central Kentucky.

5. The performance of “His Eye is On the Sparrow” at Immanuel Baptist Church on television this morning transcended description.

6. Chad says to Sarah at the hospital: “Sarah, you were born first. So I guess you started the family off on the wrong foot.”

7. From the surgeon’s office to the man mopping the floor, at least ten people said they would be praying for us during Susan’s surgery and recovery.

8. UK basketball in the summer?  From the Bahamas?

9. Chad came home today from staying with his sister for five days.

10. Susan is home recovering from successful surgery.

I am blessed and thankful.

Moving to the deeper places,

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