Camp ‘Wee’Kon Da-Ho!

vbsThis year’s Vacation Bible School will be a preview of church camp. Children will gather for dinner at Canteen and learn the fun Camp ‘Energizers,’ sing camp songs around the ‘campfire’, walk the wooded trail to worship in Vespers, create crafts that will be donated to different organizations as a sign of our love, Tie-Dye T-Shirts, play Getting-to-Know-You games and learn the love of God in Christ through the exploration of Biblical stories in small groups…just like summer camp at Wakon Da-Ho.

If you would like to join us for this year’s adventure July 6-10, there are dozens of ways you can help make this year’s VBS adventure a fun and memorable occasion for children and adults. We need volunteers in the following areas…

  • Set Design/Construction…and later destruction
  • Canteen Crew to provide meals each evening and clean-up afterwards
  • Craft/Interest Group Leaders
  • Storytellers/Keynoters
  • Small Group Leaders…adults and middle/high school youth
  • Nursery Leaders—the nursery will be available for VBS volunteers only
  • Game Leaders/Activities Directors
  • Registration Leaders
  • Support Staff
  • and Prayer Warriors

We will provide updates and more details about the ways you can help make Vacation Bible School a special event and joyful occasion for everyone in the very near future.


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