Proud to be a Disciple

Week of Compassion

The phone rang last week.

It was Vi Nguyen calling.

Vi is the Executive Director of the Week of Compassion.

The Week of Compassion is the Worldwide outreach arm of  the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

A friend had called him to ask if he knew of the tornado in Paris, Kentucky. He did not.

He called to ask about how many of our members were effected and the impact on the community.

As the conversation moved forward, he offered an initial grant of $2000 to be used to help the victims.

I graciously accepted the offer and told him we would give the grant to the Bourbon County Ministerial Association.

Then I shared with him the story of the time when First Christian gave $100,000 to Week of Compassion for hurricane and flood victims in Honduras. That was 1998.

The money came from the Living Memorial Fund (the endowment).

Had we kept the money, it would have earned another $100,000 in about 20 years.

Instead we gave it away, in the name of Jesus Christ, to our brothers and sisters in Central America.

Since that time, the endowment has doubled in value. Doubled.

Well, make of that what you will, I’m just saying our God is a multiplier, especially where generous compassion is involved.

Now, I sit here looking at a check for $2000.

Imagine that.

I am so proud to be a Disciple.

Moving to the deeper places,


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