My desk…

Jeff's Desk

Everything on top of my desk means something.

There is a cross welded from car parts found in the mud in a North Carolina junk yard. Christ died to restore the junk in us to something beautiful. It also reminds me of my good friend Durwood who loved my boy Chad "so good" when he was little and we lived in NC.

There is a small wooden cross made by Rondell and given to me as a gift on the day of my graduation from Transylvania in 1975. He and his brothers were friends of mine from theneighborhood and we had such a good time together during my time there.

There is the bobble head statue of me given by a congregation with a sense of humor on Holy Humor Sunday. I am reminded we can have a good time while proclaiming the gospel.

The Lexington Seminary mug recalls the three years of training and mentoring at 631 South Limestone, which prepared me to be a minister. This reminds me that study is essential to a pastor.

There is a cup with quilt patterns on it. This helps me know that the church consists of unique and colorful individuals, each with a powerful story to share and that story needs to be heard and our stories need to be woven together in love.

The mug from the Disciples Mission Fund was given at the General Assembly in Indianapolis a few years ago and signifies that, at that time, FCC was one of the top 100 congregations in outreach giving. I am challenged to lead this congregation in giving to help a hurting world.

There is a carved wooden Disciple chalice. Steve Holland a Baptist pastor in North Carolina gave that to me. He began carving after a terrible car accident almost disabled him. I had given him a gift of something that was precious to me. This gift reminds me that friendship is to be treasured.

Then there are the frogs and the turtles. I give these to children who come to my office.  The frogs, I tell them, represent a leap of faith. We are all walking in the darkness. We must trust God is there to lead us.  The turtles remind me that slow and stead  wins the "race" or I should say, gets things done.

Some days I must ask, "What did I really get done today that is of significance to God?" Some days God's answer is "You did what you could do."

There is a phone log. I write each call I make and receive and the subject of the conversation. This helps me keep track of the promises I make.

Finally, there is the Bible. We are all about God's revelation in Holy Scripture. It is there because I use it everyday. It is there because in it I find the keys to a good life for me and for you.

There are pencils, pens and hi-liters. There is a stapler and tape and post it notes.

There is a phone, which keeps me in touch with you.

What is on your "desk?'

Moving to the deeper places,


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