Welcoming All God’s People


As I write this, a family is preparing for a funeral meal in our fellowship hall.

They are part of a family who just lost a 39 year old son and the funeral is today.

We consider this an extension of the hospitality of Christ to this family to come use our facilities.

Alcoholics Anonymous comes to do their spiritually healing work on Mondays and Fridays.

Families in Transition meet a couple of times a month to give structure and guidance to families who are going through divorce, who also have children.

The Girl Scouts are beginning a new troop and will meet here.

The Bluegrass Retired teachers meet here several times a year.

The Duncan Tavern Board, the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Paris Fire Department graduation have chosen our facilities for their meetings.

Recipe for Reading, which is a holistic learning experience for all the 5th graders in Bourbon County, meets here each fall for two days.

One neighborhood association has met here several times in the past.

Birthdays and anniversary parties are in our fellowship hall from time to time.

The Well Advisory Committee meets here every month.

We have hosted many large funerals for people who attend small capacity churchesand they have been deeply grateful.

We have hosted the Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration many times and song fests and fundraisers for churches.

We once hosted a mid-week Bible study for Prodigals House for several years and a District Sunday School event for Shorter Chapel.

Dianne does such a fine job representing us as hostess for many of these events.

All of this is a part of Welcoming All God’s People.

What a privilege it is to be able to share our incredible facility with the community.

Moving to the deeper places,

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