Simply listen…

Please read Psalm 4listen

Scripture will reveal wonderful insights to us if given the chance.

This happened when I opened the text from the Psalms for Sunday and read chapter 4.

The writer opens by imploring God to simply listen. Now, God needs no provocation to “listen”. Isn’t that what God does so well?

God maintains a holy silence which allows for hearing what you and I say.

Mostly God is too quiet for us when we are desperate for answers.

Then we must consider that we neglect to place ourselves in line for the answers which come through our prayerful and imaginative interactions with the divine holy presence.

The plea, “answer me” is turned inward and it begs for us to pay attention.

The text then pays a high compliment to the living God.

“You gave me room when I was in distress.”

While I can appreciate folks who are exacting and pay attention to the minute details and “rules” of life, truth is we all need some room to maneuver when life becomes overwhelming.

Moving to the deeper places,


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