Breathing in the Power of…

powerTrust is taking a weekend off from college studies to travel to the camp you grew up attending to lend your efforts to closing down the facilities for winter season. Interviewing young and old to gain an understanding of how such a small stretch of land could become so meaningful to so many and to obtain insight into how the future for this camp will unfold. TRUSTing all who love Wadon’ Da-Ho will give their very last breath to create a camp for the future of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) where children, youth and adults for generations to come will know the joys of church camp year after year.

Love is waiting for hours, walking the halls, checking your phone, squirming in your seat and sharing stories anticipating that new baby’s birth. Lifting prayers for health and well-being for mother and child and imagining how good it will feel to hold, cuddle, breathe in and LOVE this new child, grandchild, great-grandchild.

Hope is planning that beach vacation, imagining soaking up the sun’s warmth while casting away the cares of the world in the midst of a full-on battle with cancer. Knowing you will hear the sounds of the waves hitting the shore while sea gulls lend their call to the winds…winds you turn your face into as you breathe in the HOPE that is creation.

Compassion is a visit to an old friend who just moved into a nursing home, confused and scared by all the strange noises, new faces, unfamiliar surroundings and much smaller space. Sharing stories of how you went through some of those same things while offering up all the good things that are also a part of transitions. Every breath is filled with COMPASSION as you list the many friends who now live just down the hall or around the corner.

Concern is walking into the unknown with someone you love, knowing you are just as scared as she is, but refusing to let it show because your only desire is for her care and her well-being. Taking on grueling days of testing where you are entirely helpless to the outcome and pretty much useless in the process, and completely oblivious as to how you can make things better, but being there anyway because you cannot imagine having a life without her. Your every breath hinges on your CONCERN for this woman you love so dearly.

Sorrow is attending a concert with tickets purchased by someone you loved so dearly, each day without her brings on more painful reminders of why she should be here. Listening to the music played by an artist she adored…hearing all her favorite songs live on while she is gone. Thinking in your head how much she would have loved to have been there with you…almost as much as you would love having her back in your life. Wishing with every breath you take that you didn’t have to live this SORROW day after day…but knowing it is only there because you had the opportunity to experience tremendous love first.



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