Please read AuthorityMark 1:21-28

There are two kinds of “authority.”

There is conferred authority. This is the authority given to a person in order for them to fulfill a position or role.

It is common to confer authority upon law enforcement, elected officials, trustees, judges, bankers, investors wedding officiants and more.

Someone else with conferred authority, pronounces another fit and approved for duty.

Conferred authority may be misused and abused.

Inherent authority emerges from the character, integrity and intelligence of a person.

We follow the person and not just a set of rules.

Most of us have a combination of conferred and inherent authority. We have earned our “credentials” to perform our work. A doctor is licensed. A pastor ordained. Training equips us to act.

Parents have inherent authority to raise their children. To be sure, as the child matures they come to know the difference between, “because I said so,” (conferred upon the adult as a “parent,” and authority “earned” by  intelligence, empathy and hard work (inherent).

Jesus is inherent authority. He is not teaching and healing because someone said he could. He is teaching and healing because he is the way, the truth and the life.

Always question conferred authority.

Follow inherent authority.

By what authority does Jesus do these things? He does them because he is Jesus.

Have faith in him. He has authority.

Moving to the deeper places,


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