• This Do In Rememberance Of Me.
  • Our Disciples Men sending prayers to you and everyone!
  • Our community knitting group meeting every Wednesday. They knit scarves, hats, and other items to help those who may need.
  • Sometimes you need a donkey in your worship service. On Palm Sunday he was kind enough to lead our processional.
  • Even our little ones, understand there is time for prayer.
  • And a time for fun!

Recent Sermons

Serving in August, 2017

Elders Linda McFarland (A) -R.W. Collins (B)
Worship Leader Nancye Fightmaster
Deacons Leeann Frank, Bobbye Spivey, Chad Fuller, Linda Herzog, Patty Fuller, Ashley Norris, Shannon Jones, Jackson Livingood
Usher Kay Denniston
Candle Table Kathi Vance
Worship & Wonder© Leader  
Communion Prep Melody Smart & Mac McCracken
Bourbon Heights Servers (BH-1) Sue McCracken & Pat Wilson
(BH-2) Henry Hanna & Louie Stubblefield
Homebound Servers Mac McCracken & Jami Dailey
Greeters Robert Stone, Large Sanctuary
Cheryl Stone, Small Sanctuary
Cheryl Stone, Hostess