• Communion - This Do In Remembrance Of Me
  • Our Disciples Men sending prayers to you and everyone!
  • Our community knitting group meeting every Wednesday. They knit scaves, hats, and other items to help those who may need.
  • Sometimes you need a donkey in your worship service. On Palm Sunday he was kind enough to lead our processional.
  • Even our little ones, understand there is time for prayer.
  • And a time for fun!

Recent Sermons

  • Humility Rev. Jeff Bell, February 17, 2013
  • Step Up Rev. Jeff Bell, February 3, 2013

Serving in May, 2016

Elders Paula Marcum (A) –  Bonnie Sousley (B)
Worship Leader Jim Lovell
Deacons Chad Bell, AnnDru Gambill, Sharon Wagoner, Jami Dailey, Margaret Honaker, Ashley Norris, Judy Morris, Betsy Whitt
Usher R.W. Collins
Candle Table Sally Puckett & Andrew Smith
Worship & Wonder© Leader Kay Denniston
Communion Prep Ginger Wagoner & Bonnie Collins
Bourbon Heights Servers (BH-1) Travis Cook & Laura Clark
(BH-2) Ellen Cook & Pat Wilson
Homebound Servers Katie Haag & Gordon Wilson

Ruby Smart & Linda Herzog

Hostess:  Joan Ewalt