Bearing crosses


Jesus makes an ominous announcement.

His friends, the disciples, immediately, do not want to know what they have just heard.

Peter is terribly offended.

Jesus is offended that he is offended.

The destiny of the Messiah is hard enough without his followers being in denial about his death.

Then he teaches us a difficult lesson.

It is about crosses and bearing them.

This is what we don’t want to hear.

We want the good and easy life.  No crosses please!

We pray for no crosses, don’t we?

Jesus says that if there is no sacrifice, there is no spiritual gain.

We are to embrace our challenges and gladly bear our cross for him.

I immediately think of the 21 Coptic Christians and others who are giving their lives rather than renouncing their Christian faith in the Middle East.

What will you bear in Jesus' name this Lenten season and beyond?

Moving to the deeper places,

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