“Chosen, holy and beloved”

Jesus went to the beach. I am sure he did. We know he went to the Sea of Galilee. There must have been a beach there somewhere.

We know he traveled in boats. Remember the storm and him sleeping in the bow?

When stressed and needing to pray he went to the mountains with a couple of disciples.

We know he needed his rest. He needed rest because he was human in addition to being the Son of God.

Jesus was sent to be Savior and a man. He had every quality of a human being and yet acknowledged that God was in him and he was in his Father.

These are concepts that our minds have a hard time reconciling. And yet, faith demands we come to terms with what they mean for us.

We begin with John 3:16. Sending Jesus was a pure act of love. “God so loved the world that he sent his son…”

Jesus was his gift to the world. In that gift we would have such significance that we will not perish – become unimportant or be diminished or just cease to matter.

In him, we are “chosen, holy and beloved.”

Contemplate those words for a minute. Let them simmer in your consciousness.

This is who you are in the eyes of Jesus. You matter.

You are loved immeasurably.

You belong to him.

Get some rest.

Moving to the deeper places,