Kitchen Committee

The Kitchen Committee was established to assist the Disciples Women's Circles and the Bereavement Chairperson with planning, setting up and preparing the food for the bereavment meals.

In the event of a death of a church member or a member of the family of a church member, the Bereavement Chairperson is contacted by the church office or the minister with an approximate number of family members to be served. The Bereavement Chair then contacts each circle chairwoman with a request for a certain dish. The following menu was agreed upon in April, 2005: fried chicken, green beans, broccoli casserole, corn pudding, or a potato dish and macaroni and cheese, salads/dressed eggs, rolls, drinks and desserts.  Currently the desserts are being provided mainly by Frances Feeback.

The chicken is ordered by the Kitchen Committee and supplied by the church and the circles and/or family of friends provide the other menu items. The circle in charge of bereavement for the month will assist with serving the meal.


  • Bettie Ritchie
  • Betty Eads
  • Bobbye Gaunce
  • Bonnie Sousley
  • Dianne Stubblefield
  • Edna Thompson
  • Frances Feeback
  • Helen Parsons
  • Linda McFarland
  • Mary Etta Thomas
  • Minnie Fryman
  • Pat Jones
  • Paula Marcum