It’s the little things that matter most.

When reading scripture, we pay attention to the words which open a passage. “Now, when Jesus heard about this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a deserted place by himself.”

This is Jesus dealing with the grief of losing John the Baptist.

Even though the text is about the feeding of the five thousand, it begins with Jesus withdrawing.


When a situation emerges and life seems difficult and tenuous, there are those moments, those details that must receive attention.

A word spoken to improve the situation or the ability to refrain from speaking a word of harm, often turns the outcome.

A bit of kindness, over and above the normal social graces often makes a personal encounter one to remember.

An announcement is incomplete if it doesn’t say “where.”

A wedding invitation would be pointless if the couple was not named.

A door left unlocked when it should be locked or a door locked when it should be unlocked can avoid tragedy.

When people come to me for financial help with a bill and I listen closely, I usually discover they do not pay attention to the details of their life and thus their trouble stems from neglect.

Think about the details of your life:

            Word spoken

            A kindness shared

            Work completed

            Contemplation engaged and more.

Moving to the deeper places,