God’s Green Earth

IMG_1706You are invited to tour
  the church grounds
  which are alive with spring.

You will find over 60 trees
   in full bud, including at least
   four dogwoods with their
   pure white blooms.

Daffodils have already reached
   their apex of beauty, now
   tulips are reigning in the beds.

Massive trees serve as playgrounds
   for resident squirrels and
   reach for the skies over 70 feet tall.

The grass is a lush green
   and well trimmed.

The phlox is spilling over into the
  parking lot, radiant pinks and purples.

The 175th anniversary tree, planted at
   about 8 feet tall is now 50 feet tall
   after just 11 years of growth.

When you walk the grounds
   think of our friend and member
   Angellino Mendez, who works
   diligently to keep the grounds
   and parking lot clean and well trimmed.

We have one of the few green spaces
   in downtown Paris and it is beautiful.

Come discover the wonders of God’s
   creation right here in our own
   backyard and front yard.

At the very least, drive around
   the edge of the parking lot
   and enjoy the hard work of
   Frances Feeback and others
   who have helped her through
     the years.

Moving to the deeper places,


Rev. Jeff Bell

Baptized at First Christian Church, Corbin, Kentucky. Ordained June 1983 by First Christian, Somerset and the Christian Church in Kentucky at Salvisa Christian Church. Jeff has been senior minister of FCC since 1999. He served churches in Salvisa, Wendell, North Carolina and Fort Thomas, Kentucky following his graduation from Lexington Theological Seminary. Jeff believes the church should be connected to the community, acutely aware of the needs of the neighborhood and acquainted with its people. Further, he believes all Christians are one in Christ.