It is unfolding…

Worship teams are meeting all over the place and creating exciting possibilities for worship during Thanksgiving and Advent.

Another team has worked to produce what we will call Mental Health Sunday on November 19th. Megan Redditt, a counselor at Georgetown College will be speaking that day and there will be resources in the fellowship hall after worship.

The Thanksgiving Sunday worship will be after Thanksgiving on the 26th.

Worship teams have allowed for the participation of many people in the act of planning creative worship. Ideas have been offered from those who would otherwise not ever been heard from.

The way this works is that the worship team reads the Biblical text for the Sunday they have selected, hopefully months in advance of that Sunday. The text is read three times to allow the fullness of the message to sink in. Comments are made and recorded. Questions are asked. Discussion ensues.

From this discussion comes ideas for music, presentation of the theme, prayers, drama, etc.

On a worship team last year, a 13 year old said, “I will play my instrument.” They did and did it well. That would never have happened if they had not been asked to be on the worship team.

This has been an extension of our renewal effort. More creative participation in worship combined with a need for more folks to be involved in church activities.

Worship is being planned for Advent and Christmas and I am excited to see what is unfolding.

Moving to the deeper places,