Journey Class Outreach Project

Each year the Journey Class chooses an outreach project for the Christmas season. In the past they have collected items and made boxes for Samaritan's Purse: Operation Christmas Child project. This year they have opted to still support Samaritan's Purse, but in a new way. Samaritan's Purse offers a Christmas Gift Catalog which allows for meaningful giving that can impact larger groups of children. Their gifts can now offer clean drinking water to entire communities through funding fresh-water wells, provide emergency relief supplies in the wake of disasters throughout the world, provide loving care for orphans by helping shoulder the costs with those willing to take children into their homes, supply classrooms with necessary supplies and equipment to educate the world's poorest children in crisis, distribute mosquito netting to malaria-prone regions, fund building projects for homes, schools and hospitals that support the impoverished in regions across the globe and even help fund doctors who are willing to live and serve in these remote regions to provide healing for those who cannot afford even the most basic care necessary for survival. If you would like to join the Journey Class in supporting one of these projects, please see Travis or Ellen Cook. If your Sunday School Class would like to sponsor a specific project, please share your desire with the Christian Education Team–Ashley Norris, Chair-person, or your specific Sunday School Teacher.