Laughter entering the walls of FCC…

Soon and very soon, you will hear a story told by one whom you can trust to “tell a story.”

Bill Lepp, nationally known storyteller and preacher, will bring the story he plans to tell, to worship on May 14th.

We are the last stop on the Paris Storyfest, which is the brainchild of Mary Lovell working with a committee of which half are members of FCC.

What a privilege this is to be chosen to host this amazing weaves of tales to be told, to hear his laugh-out-loud humor and to be moved by the moral of the story, often slipped in as a surprise ending.

I have listened to Bill on YouTube and at several points I burst into laughter only to be followed closely by a soul moving conclusion to what was a wild and woolly telling of a tale.

Please bring your family and friends to hear him.

It will be a great day in the life of our church.

Perhaps there will be many guests that day and we will need you here to welcome them.

Oh, also, Bill is a United Methodist pastor living his calling as a professional storyteller.

See you there!!

Moving to the deeper places,