We have friends who worship just a block and a half from here. They are brothers and sisters as members of the Disciples of Christ, but they are also friends in the community, at school, in sports, at the library, in class, at work, in community organizations and in other places.

We have worshipped with them as whole congregations since I became pastor here. Before that there were pulpit and choir exchanges.

I am personal friends with the pastor and am well acquainted with many of the members.

Our Disciple Women have invited and included their women in meetings and events from time to time.

These precious friends in Christ are the pastor and members of Seventh Street Christian Church. On Sunday, February 11, we will travel to Seventh Street to worship with them at 10:30 a.m. We actually need to be there around 10:15 a.m. Afterward we will partake in a meal prepared by both churches in our Fellowship Hall.

Join me, the choir and many of our members as we join our voices in “one accord” and our spirits in Christian unity a week from this Sunday.

Moving to the deeper places,