Nursery Updates


A great deal of work recently went into our church nursery. There are many members who lent their services to this project. I hope you will soon have an opportunity to thank them for all their efforts as well as to recognize Amanda Hagen for her dedicated service to the children of the church in her role as nursery attendant. She is truly amazing. If you have not had an opportunity to meet her yet, she can be found in the nursery each Sunday morning. 

     Much of the work done in the nursery was done to ensure a safe and sanitary place for our babies to play during the Sunday worship services. All toys, furniture and bedding were thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Broken toys were discarded and allergen producing toys were donated to Goodwill as well as excessive items that inhibited our abilities to keep the nursery clean and clear of clutter. Toys that were not age appropriate were moved to other areas of the church to serve children in those age groups. Furniture was also retrofitted to be compliant with all recent federal recalls. 

      In addition to all the work done on our existing property, few items such as cubby-drawers were purchased to facilitate keeping children's personal items at the church for families who prefer to leave a few things on hand for their child's specific care. We also purchased new toy bins to aid in the separation of toys as well as facilitating the regular cleaning of these items. New clothing for both boys and girls in a variety of sizes was also purchased so we can have clothing on hand in case there was an accident while in our care. 

     As all this work is completed and our nursery is in such great order for our children we need help from you in keeping it this way. Lately there have been several instances where the nursery has been found quite disheveled and we've had to go through and re-clean everything and put toys away. In addition, several of the new clothing items have disappeared (some have reappeared, but we still have a few items missing). And, our latest issue has been the pouring of baby powder all over each one of the baby beds. The bedding now has to all be stripped and washed again. In our efforts to ensure the well-being of our children, we have begun locking the nursery and pre-school rooms. If you have a group that meets and will need the use of the nursery, we certainly want the facility available to you. We ask that you let us know in advance of your meeting so we can have the room unlocked for your event and cleaned properly afterwards. Parents–please discourage your children from playing in the nursery during regular church events. This room is designed to be a clean and safe place for babies and toddlers only. There are other age appropriate places within the church for children to spend time while parents do the work of the church we so desperately need and appreciate.

Thank you,