Please read Luke 19:1-10

Image result for zacchaeusJesus entered Jericho and  there were people lined up along the street as he arrived.

There was just something about him that they could not put their finger on, but that resonated deeply with them.

Zacchaeus heard the commotion and ran to get a glimpse of him. Zacchaeus may have been the one for whom the term “filthy-rich” may have been coined. Most of his loot was stolen from the people. He knew what he had done.

Jesus presence, however,  moved him. He climbed a tree just to see Jesus.

Jesus knew a person racked with guilt when he saw one. You might say this was his modus operandi, or how he operated.

What does Jesus do?  He invites himself over  for dinner.

“Get down quickly, Zacchaeus. Meet me at your house.”

When they meet there, Zach spills his guts.

“I did it, I hate that I did it, but I did it. Oh, I am so sorry. But I am not just sorry, I want to make things right, pay the money back, and pay more than I stole.”

Jesus is just sitting there grinning from ear to ear (I am just sure he was).

“Hey! I haven’t seen the onset of salvation like this in a while. You are a child of the living God and a son of Abraham. Wow!!”

What a great day in the kingdom of God in the town of Jericho when Zacchaeus  met Jesus.

Moving to the deeper places,