Please read Psalm 130

Cry, scream, shout to the Lord — then wait.

Pray, offer supplications — then wait.

Plead, beg, demand — then wait.

Question, sigh, agitate — then wait.

Comes then, the soft, silent time and God whispers what we cannot hear.

Above and beyond articulation, God enunciates grace in beauty irradiated by a yellow sunbeam, through flavor emanating from a red, juicy tomato, by sending someone who brings a word – with hope and a knowing smile.

Wait. And in his word have hope. Not an empty, vacuous, fabricated hope, but hope born of faith in the God we love and who loves us.Trust hope on the mountaintop and in the valley. Trust hope when you dwell in darkness, for hope contains seeds of a bright and glorious new day, rich with possibilities.

Wait.  Make waiting a soulful occupation. Soak in the wonderful mysteries of folks nearby, then see and be fascinated by whatever the world presents.

Wait.  Imagine a God who does not keep score. Instead see the free grace of his love at work everywhere.

Wait. Believe in steadfast. That is what God is. Believe in the Spirit and its power to redeem, to save, to uplift, to shed light.

Wait. The Psalmist is convinced this waiting can save a nation. In his case it is Israel.


Moving to the deeper places,