Standing Room Only

Building MemebersThe Friendship Class invited me to join them for the study of the book “not a fan.”

A few things had to be tended to before I could join them.

But when I stepped into the room it was packed.  I had to fetch my own chair.  

Later, looking into the other classes, most all of them had filled the available chairs (there is still room for more, don’t get me wrong).

Sunday School attendance is the highest in the 13 years I have been here, thanks goes to the leadership of Tracy, the work of the Education Committee and the Sunday School teachers.

Also to be commended are the people who have shown up for these special studies and brought their children.

On a separate matter, we welcome two families including nine people who have joined our congregation in the past two weeks.

Mark, Jen, Lily and Rose Adler came to us on the 20th followed by the Horine family, Eric & Kristy Horine and children: Hanson, Emily and Anna Cox.

Eric will soon be baptized.

Worship attendance has been up and I expect that is directly related to our Sunday School attendance.

We approved a budget for 2013 Sunday and you are leading and advancing so many good things on your own, that I find myself rushing around to keep up with it all and what I am leading and promoting too.

We have great lay leadership in our congregation these days who are self-starters and highly motivated to promote the kingdom of God.

I rejoice and give thanks everyday that I am a pastor in this congregation.

Moving to the deeper places,


Rev. Jeff Bell

Baptized at First Christian Church, Corbin, Kentucky. Ordained June 1983 by First Christian, Somerset and the Christian Church in Kentucky at Salvisa Christian Church. Jeff has been senior minister of FCC since 1999. He served churches in Salvisa, Wendell, North Carolina and Fort Thomas, Kentucky following his graduation from Lexington Theological Seminary. Jeff believes the church should be connected to the community, acutely aware of the needs of the neighborhood and acquainted with its people. Further, he believes all Christians are one in Christ.