The theme for Sunday is “me.”

This is taken from the scripture in Joel we have been reading which says,“Yet even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart.”

This Sunday, March 4th, we will focus on “to whom do we return?”

When God says “me” what does that conjure up in you? Where do you go with such imagery? How to you “see” and “hear” the living God?

It all makes a big difference. Do you understand God as vengeful, resentful and hostile who will toss you into the fires of hell at the first hint of disbelief or after the first mistake you make trying to live your life?

Do you understand God as a kind, gentle, loving presence in your life, who longs to walk and talk with you and someday to receive you into the kingdom of God with all grace and mercy required to make that happen?

Do you believe in a combination of judgment and grace which operates out of the deep and abiding well of love which God defines?

Do you believe you can grasp God and define God clearly or do you accept the Words “I am who I am,” as good enough and you accept them in faith that God will be God?

Do you believe that God is ineffable, full of mystery, indescribable, but present and responsive?

When Joel speaks for God and has God say, “Yet even now, says the Lord, return to me with your whole heart,” who is “me”?

Who do you follow and why? These are vital questions and our answers determine how we walk on this good earth among our friends and family.

Moving to the deeper places,