Week of Compassion

There have been over 50 inches of rain in Houston and the surrounding area in the last several days. This is a national record for rainfall in a locality, in just a matter of days, since we have been measuring rainfall in the United States. That is four feet of rain, if it just fell evenly and accumulated over a wide area. That is not the way rainfall works, however.

The estimate now, is that 400,000 homes have been damaged by floodwaters. We are hearing heart breaking stories of people in emergency shelters telling us that they have “no where to go,” now or in the future.

At least at one point, all the interstates coming into Houston were flooded. Interstate highways – flooded. For the most part, that would never occur to us here in Kentucky.

We can respond. The same Week of Compassion which sent us $4,000 when Paris was hit with a tornado and then flooded, is our best bet to send help to Houston.

The first line of response will be for Vy Nguyen, the Executive Director of WOC, to contact all local pastors of Disciple congregations in Houston. Immediate grants of $2000 will go to those pastors and congregations to help reach out to members.

Later, the congregations may choose to request grants to help recovery. Some of the money we send will be used in interfaith response to the cataclysmic disaster.

This Sunday, we invite you to bring an offering for the Week of Compassion of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) for the flood victims in Houston and surrounding areas.

Make your check to First Christian Church,  on the “for” line, please write WOC – Houston.

We will make sure when Week of Compassion receives this money, they will designate it for Houston.

We do know that one of our churches in Houston lost their roof in the hurricane. Others have not been able to assess the damage due to inaccessibility.

The generous hearts of the American people will release blessings upon Houston. But keep in mind this recovery will take years, not months.

Please include Houston in your prayers.

Moving to the deeper places,