What in the world?

I saw a saxophone in the gazebo.

A saxophone.

What in the world?

I thought,” that begs checking out.”

When I walked to the gazebo, there was Karson Hagen with his saxophone along with four of his fellow Bourbon County Band members.

They were a part of a special summer enrichment class the YMCA provides for their students.

I discovered that each week there is a different learning track for the summer daycare children. That week was music.

As a little time passed, I listened to the band students describe their instruments and show how they worked. Then they played several selections for the children.

What a wonderful use of our gazebo!

Every day, when it is not raining, the gazebo is used to teach children about the world and it’s beautiful intricacies.

When not in the gazebo, the Y kids play games in the yard or just enjoy the day.

Dozens of children are able to come outside and enjoy fresh air and run in the sun because the church had the vision to purchase the Varden property when it came up for sale many years ago. This yard which almost stretches from High Street to Cypress Street, has become the only multiple use green space of any size, which the community and church uses almost on a daily basis.

The Y also uses raised garden boxes to teach the children about growing fresh vegetables. There are about nine boxes which the board approved a few years ago.

The Y will have a bicycle rodeo in our parking lot in the fall.

Cathy Boone, the Executive Director of the Y, sat beside me at lunch at the Rotary Club yesterday and said first thing, “Oh, there is my good neighbor. We just couldn’t do without all you do
for the Y.”

It is the recognition of what a little vision to purchase a lot for $25,000 has paid great dividends in outreach for our church.

And don’t be surprised if you see saxophones and tubas on the church property.