Christian Education

Department Responsibilities (As approved by the General Board on May 10, 1994)

  1. Develop an effectve program of religious education for the entire constituency of the church in keeping with the general objectives of Christian Education and the mission and purpose of the church.
  2. Administer and supervise elements of the educational program, including family life education, Sunday church school, vacation church school, youth groups meetings other than Sunday mornings, adult study groups not related to some organization such as Disciples Women's Fellowship or Disciples Men's Fellowship, children's camps or family camps conducted by the congregation.
  3. Develop necessary programs and leadership for Christian Education, select and obtain necessary educational materials and equipment, develop organization and budget for the educational program to achieve its aims, encourage young people to consider Christian higher education, and work closely with other committees to assure a full educational program.
  4. Develop a church school program to include classes or study programs for all ages, teacher recruitment and training, and recruitment of students with a nurturing program to encourage their regular attendance.
  5. Submit a proposed budget for this department.


  • Ashley Norris


  • Ashley Norris
  • Charlotte Owens
  • George Kissick
  • Greg Smart
  • Kay Denniston
  • Laura Clark
  • Linda Herzog
  • Marie Smart
  • Melissa Buchanan
  • Melody Smart
  • Rev. Jeff Bell
  • Rev. Tracy Parker
  • Ruth Miller
  • Travis Cook
  • Barbara Hawkins