Church Use

General Statement


The church building and grounds are maintained for the purpose of worship, fellowship, study and recreation. The worth of a building is determined not only by its financial value but by the use it gets and the program it facilitates. The facilities of the church are here to be used for the upbuilding of humankind. These policies are for the purpose of guiding all persons and groups in the use of the church. They were approved by the General Board of the First Christian Church of Paris, Kentucky. They will serve as a guide to those who wish to use the facilities and will instruct them in making the necessary arrangements for an enjoyable experience and for care of the church facilities.



Church Use Committee


A Church Use Committee shall be appointed by the Moderator at the beginning of the church year. The committee shall review and approve or disapprove all requests by groups for use of church facilities. The Committee shall make periodic reports to the General Board on actions taken and shall refer any matter not covered or any special problems to the Board for guidance or action. Only non-profit groups and families are permitted to use the church.



Policy for Use of Church Property/Equipment


All requests for use of the church building must be cleared with the church office. The church use committee must then approve the request in writing..


1. All individuals and organizations requesting the use of the church property shall:

a. Contact the church office for a "Request for Use…." form.

b. Complete and return the form to the church office 30 days prior to the

proposed date of the activity.

c. Pay any fee specified on the approved form to the church office 15 days

prior to the event.

2. The following rules apply to use of church property other than weddings, which are covered by a separate published policy. All individuals and organizations shall follow the same rules, with the following provisions:

a. Individuals and organizations within the church (classes, fellowship groups,

committees, etc.) or those associated with the Disciples of Christ (district, region etc.), shall use the facility at no charge, provided that such use is associated with the individual's or organization's relationship to the church.


b. Outside organizations with approved use for regular ongoing meetings,

(scouts, Bloodmobile, AA and Alanon, etc.) shall pay the fee defined in

their original agreement which shall be reviewed and updated annually.

Special meetings for these organizations must be requested separately.


3. The using individual or organization is responsible for:

a. Making arrangements with the church office for opening and closing the


b. Setting up and taking down tables, chairs, and equipment.

c. Providing their own condiments, supplies, and eating and cooking utensils.

d. Keeping group in approved areas (plus rest rooms) and providing an adequate

number of adult chaperones for all youth activities.

e. Restoring used areas to their condition prior to use.

f. Paying for any and all damages to the church building, grounds or equipment

resulting from their use.

g. Returning borrowed equipment within 24 hours of final use. Note: All

equipment shall be used inside the church if possible. Mechanical items

may be borrowed by qualified operators only. Office equipment,

televisions, video cassette recorders, pianos, antiques, designated tables and

chairs, dishes and other fragile or sacred items are not available to be



4. No social activities, except weddings, shall be scheduled after noon on Saturday.


5. The church shall not be used by any outside individual or organization for fund



6. The church shall not be responsible for any articles left in the building.


  1. The church sanctuary is a place of worship and shall be used for other purposes by

special permission only when no other facilities are available. No decorations may be used in a way that will deface the church building or furnishings or disguise the fact that it is a church. The communion table may be moved up and back, with the cross remaining in full view. The communion chairs may be moved to the small sanctuary. Seasonal paraments will remain in place. No item or items may be placed on the communion table or may hide the cross.




Church Use Request