Department Responsibilities (As approved by the General Board on May 10, 1994)

  1. Develop a program to stimulate the interest of every member of the congregation in the entire church program, beginning with regular attendance at worship.
  2. See that an accurate roll of members of the congregation is maintained with as much pertinent family information as is possible.
  3. Develop a program designed to restore inactive members to participating members.
  4. Encourage a personal concern on the part of each member for the other members of the church and cooperate with Elders in the pastoral care of the membership, directing visitation projects, calling on the sick, unfortunae and inactive, and organizing others to do likewise.
  5. Sponsor definite times for fellowship within the life of the congregation to provide opportunities for recognizing new members, and for the members of the congregation to get better acquainted with each other.
  6. Submit a proposed budget for this department.