Dwana Stevens, Choir Director
Liz Yeiser, Organist
Doris McFarland, Substitue Organist

Choir rehearsals are held each Wednesday at 7:00 p.m.

The Chancel Choir is composed of amateur singers who gather once a week for practice and present an anthem each Sunday during worship. At Christmas time the choir presents a cantata, usually the Sunday before Christmas. The choir is relaxed but kept focused by the Music Director, Dwana Stevens. Dwana is a professional musician who keeps the choir on task as the choir enjoys having a little fun along the way. To join the choir, simply show up at 7 p.m. in the sanctuary or talk to Dwana on Sunday morning.

  • Jim Lovell
  • Barabara Fischer
  • Betsy Kephart
  • Betsy Whitt
  • Bill Caldwell
  • Brooke Morris
  • Carolyn Barlow
  • Doris McFarland
  • Dwana Stevens
  • E.R. Davis III
  • Jim Lovell
  • Joann Hanna
  • Judy Ferrell
  • Katie Haag
  • Liz Yeiser
  • Myra Miller
  • Pat Wilson
  • Patsy Borgomainerio
  • Peggy Hickman
  • Rev. Jeff Bell
  • Ruth Miller
  • Susan Bell
  • Susan Williams
  • Tommy Stevens