Stewardship & Finance

Department Responsibilities (As approved by the General Board on May 10, 1994.)

  1. Develop and recommend to the General Board policies relating to the administration of the church program. These policies should deal with regular financing of the church program, permanent funds, encouragement of bequests, use of Undesignated Memorial Revenue allocated for the current operating budget.
  2. Educate the congregation to a fuller understanding of Christian stewardship and encourage members to grow in the total stewardship of their lives. (Family budgeting, Christian Wills, Tithing, etc.)
  3. Direct the financial program of the church in such a way that it both encourages growth in Christian stewardship and in meeting the financial needs of the congregation.
  4. With the help of other departments develop an annual budget for the congregation to be presented through the General Board to the congretation.
  5. Supervise the congregation's total financial program including budget control, handling and banking of money, bookkeeping records, reports and audits, and the Every Member Program to underwrite the budget.
  6. Develop a proposed budget for this department.


  • Greg Smart


  • Betsy Kephart
  • Bonnie Collins
  • Judy Ferrell
  • Philip Jackson
  • Ray Bryant
  • RW Collins