God’s Grace

A bird sang a song of spring, in the midst of the darkest of grey days.

A cherished friend burst into hilarious laughter through personal pain.

A stranger approached and offered a gentle compliment.

My grandson said he wasn’t going to eat “pita” bread because they shut down the Barnum and Bailey Circus. (P.E.T.A. – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals)

Under great pressure to travel quickly to attend a meeting and as tension began to build in me, turning left in front of me was the Oscar Meyer wiener mobile. Sometimes you just have to smile.

Disconcerted at a certain development, I asked an elder to listen for a few minutes. He understood me perfectly as we agreed sometimes you do everything right and it still doesn’t work in your favor.

The news was awful, but we laughed in the darkness anyway.

Grace finds a way.

It always does.

Moving to the deeper places,