The Chancel Choir of First Christian Church is a group of amateur singers who gather on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 p.m. for practice. The choir is directed by Nastosha Robinson-Tater, a professional musician and Middle school music teacher. Membership of our choir has varied in age from 11 to 92 years old. The choir has about 20 total members.

Each Sunday morning the anthem is presented during worship. The selections are easy enough for the novice singer who can read music and enjoyable for those with more extensive musical experience. Several choir members make sure we do not leave the hour’s practice without laughing.

Our accompanist Liz Yeiser is familiar with a number of hymnody traditions and works closely with Nastosha to help the choir praise God effectively through music.

The choir presents a cantata at Christmas.
If you would like to try the choir call Nastosha, then show up for practice and on Sunday mornings. We have a robe for you!