If we laugh, God laughs. Genesis tells us we were created in the image of God, which means God had a sense of humor.

Surely, there is much in scripture, which is very serious about life and the living of it.

However, just look around. Life is funny, don’t you think?

Thus, Holy Humor Sunday.  When Jesus appeared to Mary in the garden after his resurrection, surely he said, with a smile, “Surprise,” or the Aramaic equivalent.

The expected response of the disciples could have been, “What on earth has God done?”, as they burst into a combination of tears and laughter.

Imagine the people hearing the sermon on the Mount. They are making little, mental lists. “I will try that. I will think about that. No way I am doing that. What is he thinking?”

Then Jesus asking the disciples, “Who do they say that I am?” One disciple thinks, “I am NOT going there.” Another thinks, “A crazy man.” Yet another, “A wildly, deranged individual with a Messiah complex.” Finally, another one of the silent disciples we never hear speak, thinks the feeding of the five thousand is the beginning of “fast food.”

Sunday, we will examine some of the unspoken thoughts and private conversations which “could possibly” have taken place around the Biblical stories.

Holy Humor Sunday offers us all a time to celebrate the ecstatic and joyous moment when we first realize we serve a risen Savior.

Let me be clear about this Sunday. This isn’t random silliness or a Sunday off from “serious” worship, but submission to a God who created laughter as a healing, rejuvenating, resurrecting force in our lives.

Come ready to laugh.

Moving to the deeper places,