Please read Psalm 145:1-5, 17-2


“He knows his place.” Someone said this to me once about a prospective employee. This man knew his role in the  company, when and how to apply his skills and he also knew what was not his responsibility or concern.

The Psalmist knows his place. God will be God. The prolific writer of 150 Psalms knows he is not God.

We are created in God’s image. We are not created to be God. God’s people are not meant to imagine “purple” into existence. Nor are we to raise a mountain or  fill the sea. Relax. This is good news.

Our job is to “extol” to praise highly; to glorify.

Our spiritual work is praise and thanksgiving that we did not have to design the beak of an eagle or the three toed sloth, but that we are able to stand in awe of God’s greatness. We are made to enjoy all this, to be fascinated with the fantastic and amazed at the amazing. “Think about these things,” says the Psalmist.

There is more.

God is just and kind, near to us and we can call on him. He fulfills our desires.

He saves us.

God watches over those who love him.

Praise God! Praise the Lord!


Moving to the deeper places,