Renewal Worship Sub-team Report


The Renewal Worship Sub-team met on Monday.

Our task was to begin planning for the Palm Sunday worship experience.

We read the text for Palm Sunday, Jesus triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

We commented.  We read it aloud again and closed our eyes, imagining the setting, the sights, sounds and smells.

We considered who the characters were, the actions taken, and the purpose of the entry into the Holy City.

We realized something we had never considered before. A full 70% of the story is about going and getting the donkey.

Emmett said, "I had never considered this story from an agricultural perspective." He remarked, "A donkey that had never been ridden would kick and buck."

Someone said, "Maybe Jesus was a donkey whisperer."

We discussed having a donkey present on Palm Sunday to be petted, fed and for kids (and older "kids") to have their picture taken with him.

Melody is researching for a new hymn we can sing. We will have the palms to wave as it is our tradition.

Planning worship this way opens us to the glory of God all around us.

And it is the book "Open to Glory" by Tom Troeger, which we are using as a resource to help us shape our worship experience.

This is just one thing happening with our Renewal process.

Moving to the deeper places,


Rev. Jeff Bell

Baptized at First Christian Church, Corbin, Kentucky. Ordained June 1983 by First Christian, Somerset and the Christian Church in Kentucky at Salvisa Christian Church. Jeff has been senior minister of FCC since 1999. He served churches in Salvisa, Wendell, North Carolina and Fort Thomas, Kentucky following his graduation from Lexington Theological Seminary. Jeff believes the church should be connected to the community, acutely aware of the needs of the neighborhood and acquainted with its people. Further, he believes all Christians are one in Christ.