Rev. Kaye Speaks Edwards, Priscilla of First Christian Church, Paris, Retires


In May of 1996, Kaye Edwards began her employment with the Division of Homeland Ministries of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) dba Disciples Home Missions, as Associate for Family and Children's Ministry. Prior to joining this general ministry of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Kaye served as Associate Minister for Christian Education and Youth at the First Christian Church in Lynchburg, VA, from 1989-1996. From 1986-1989 she was the Family Life Educator for Family Services of Central Virginia. Prior to that, she was the Children's Advocate for Women's Shelter of the YWCA in Lynchburg, VA. Kaye is a native of Kentucky. 


Even though Kaye will retire on March 31, 2012, as the church's Director of Family and Children's Ministries, her ministry to children throughout the church will continue to thrive. While serving the general church, she has not only expanded the Kids to Kids Mission Program and developed the acclaimed Children Worship & Wonder Program, but also provided leadership and assistance with HIV/AIDS Ministry, working with the volunteer coordinator and HIV/AIDS Ministry network to produce the HIV/AIDS Care Newsletter while providing congregations with information resources, consultation, workshops and training to encourage involvement in AIDS related ministries. We would also mention her leadership and involvement in the Light a Candle for Children program which was adopted as a program of the National Council of Churches of Christ in the USA. And, most recently, the dedication of The Children's Worship Center at Phillips Theological Seminary, which now serves as the new host facility for the Children Worship & Wonder training programs.


Kaye also served on ecumenical committees, provided oversight for the production of Family Matters, Christian Children's Fellowship Update, worked with the Disciples Care for Children Task Force, provided outstanding worship opportunities for children at General Assemblies and served as an active participant on various DHM ministry teams. Kaye has directed five Children Welcome! Conferences…the 5th, and last one before Kaye's retirement, was February 23-25 in Kansas City, MO. Her cooperative work with The Disciples Seminary Foundation has been invaluable in getting translated into Korean the two books used in Children Worship & Wonder. Vacation Bible School programs have been written by Kaye, and others, in cooperation with Global Ministries.


Advocating for children has been her life's work and she firmly believes the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) has to consider how its decisions affect children. '… Children must be included and involved in worship and every aspect of the church because the Body of Christ needs children…. The needs and gifts of children have to be considered if we are to truly be a movement for wholeness in a fragmented World.'


You are invited to join with Disciples Home Missions in celebrating Kaye's ministry by any or all of the following ways:


● Be present at a retirement reception at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 17, at the Disciples Center, 130 E. Washington Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204;


● Share in writing some memorable moments you and/or others have had with Kaye to be included in a Book of Letters which will be presented to her at the reception.  You can send those to Wilma Shuffitt, Ministry Associate, Family and Children's Ministries, P.O. Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN, 46206 or via e mail: The deadline for receiving letters, etc., is Monday, April 2, 2012.


● Honor Kaye with a gift to the DHM/Kaye Edwards Fund for Family and Children's Ministries, which is being established as a permanent fund through the Christian Church Foundation. Your gifts are to be made to the Christian Church Foundation, DHM/Kaye Edwards Fund, P.O. Box 1986, Indianapolis, IN  46206.