A committee to steer the technological direction of the church.


  1. Provide recommendations on purchases of “technology” .
  2. Provide assistance in deploying “technology” .
  3. Provide a forum for discussing proposals, to weigh the pro’s and con’s.
  4. Suggest and assist with new fund raising activities that are available through the use of new technology.
  5. Provide direction and assistance in enhancements with the church website.
  6. Provide management and oversight of the church network, and computer systems.
  7. Promote education on new technology and how it can affect our lives.
  8. Promote outreach through technology.
  9. Promote the Church through the use of technology.


  • Jeff Miller


  • Bill Crossfield
  • George Kissick
  • Greg Smart
  • Joe Jones
  • Lewis Stubblefield
  • Peggy Hickman 
  • Bob Parker