Department Responsibilities (As approved by the General Board on May 10, 1994.)

  1. Give guidance and assistance in the planning of the worship services of the congregation, including the order of service, ushering, music, preparation and service of communion, shut-in communion, and baptismal services.
  2. Encourage a program of personal devotional life and worship within the various organizations of the congregation.
  3. Recommend to the General Board any change in policy concerning the use of musical instruments belonging to the church and see that a program of tuning and maintenance is provided for these intruments.
  4. Interpret, where necessary, the policies concerning the use of the sanctuary, remembering always that it is basically a place of worship and not a public auditorium.
  5. Give guidance and direction in the planning of special services of worship, particularly as they relate to the seasons of the year and the church calendar.
  6. Submit a proposed budget for this department.

Chairperson:  Kay Denniston


  • Judy Morris
  • Linda Herzog
  • Margaret Honaker
  • Minnie Fryman
  • Patty Caswell
  • Sharon Wagoner
  • Sue McCracken
  • Susan Williams