Holy Humor Sunday

Quack me up

“Due to the Rector’s illness,
     Wednesday’s healing service
     will be postponed until
     further notice.”

This is just a sample of church
     and faith humor which we will
     enjoy on Holy Humor Sunday.

We are sure that 
     God had a sense of humor.

He told Sarah toward the end
     of her life she was going to
     have a baby. She laughed in
     God’s face and Isaac was born.
     Isaac means “laughter.”

Goliath appeared on the scene
     with armor, spears and sword.
     God sent a young boy who
     picked up a few stones along
     the way and Goliath fell like
     a freshly cut tree.

David later danced in his ephod
     or underwear
     in an act of praise to God.

There was the day in creation
     God created the giraffe,
     the basset hound and
     the chimpanzee.

There were the evil spirits
    send into pigs
    who ran over a cliff –
    a terrible waste of good country ham.

 While I feel sorry for the pigs,
    who can’t see the humor in this.

I look for the speck in my neighbor’s
    eye while I have a log in mine.
    Now, that’s funny.

The mission of Jesus was intense,
    fraught with conflict and moving
    in the direction of death. Surely,
    there were moments of laughter
    to relieve the tension.

This week we celebrate Holy Humor
    Sunday as a sign that God has
    laughed in the face of death, by
        raising Jesus to new life.

I can hear God now saying to the angels,
    "Hey y'all, watch this !!"
    (Yes, I believe God is from the south).
    How else do you explain all the fishing,
       fishing boats, mountain climbing, barns,
       crops, sheep, goats and his final act on earth
       was to show the disciples a good
            fishing hole and to take a walk on
            a beautiful beach.
Join us Sunday and see what we cook up.

Laughing with God,