November 6th

We are approaching Election Day, which is November 6th.

This day is set aside for us to take time to choose our political leaders – the ones who make decisions for the common good and decisions which determine where our tax dollars will be spent.

Voting is a real privilege and a right which we enjoy in this nation which we call a democracy.

The process is imperfect.

We do not always elect the best person for the job. But we should also note, that the best person for the job does not always run for office.

There is always much at stake when we vote, but not as much as you might think. It is difficult and often time consuming to change the way things have been done for so many years. This is a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.

We are very critical of our politicians. But we must be reminded we were the ones that sent them to govern us. Each person in office deserves our support for their work for the country and our full engagement between elections to let them know when we believe they are not making decisions which reflect the best in us.

A vote is once and quick and over with.

Governing is every day and every night.

Good governing listens to the people and draws from them the wisdom needed to govern. 

It is the work of the people to rise up against a bad idea and to make good ideas, policies and legislation better.

Even a beautiful democracy like ours, can suffer failure and possible collapse, without the full engagement of the people in decision making.

Christians, living out the best they know Christ has taught them, must be involved in the legislative process. Graciousness, consensus building and mutual respect are gifts we bring to the process. We also speak prophetically, appeal for justice and help discern the full truth of a project, policy or legislative initiative.

We must pray for those who run for office and more so those who are successful and are elected to serve a diverse population.

When we celebrate a “win” for the candidate we chose, remember this is just the beginning of a long and arduous process of governing.

We pray for our nation, that our direction will be determined by wise, patient and deeply spiritual people, who know the value of every person in this great nation.

I encourage you to vote and be involved in the process of governing after the election.

This is our right and privilege as citizens.

Let us not squander this opportunity.

If you need a ride to the polls, call me.

Moving to the deeper places,